trying to decide what I want to do.  I really want to start writing again, but I really want to start with a fresh slate.  Can’t decide if I want to create a new Xanga or use Blogger … I don’t know.

I’ve been pondering ways to make money writing, as well.  And even in that, I’m a bit undecided.  You see, I like to write … as in articles, stories, etc.  A little rusty, but not completely convinced that my inkwell’s run dry just yet.

And then I also like to write … as in calligraphy … I do a very nice italic script.  I just wonder if there are folks out there that would pay to have invitations addressed, etc., when everyone is so addicted to doing everything via computer.  Hmmmm … the computer is a lovely tool, but fact is, a nicely handwritten envelope and invitation do carry a certain delight, don’t they?

And then there’s my photography.  Wonder if anyone would be interested in purchasing prints of my photos … maybe through Etsy?

Can you tell that I’m tired of selling blinds and really need to nurture the creative part of my soul?

The big honking tax bill we just got hit with might have something to do with it, too.  Going to the bank tomorrow to see about borrowing $5,000.   Sigh …………………………………

7 thoughts on “I’m still here …

  1. I am here too…. just not posting much.Where to write?  All depends upon your purpose.  Are you writing for others or for the satisfaction of doing it for yourself? Sorry about the tax bill.  I officially hate taxes.  Necessary perhaps but evil all the same.


  2. @pottermom – There’s the rub.  I think because I’ve been struggling with a lot of issues lately (family issues on both sides that are of a depressing nature …. and money issues that depress, too) I just don’t feel like I have anything to say anymore.  And that makes me sad, because I wrote pages and pages and pages when I was younger that people WANTED to read … at my high school reunion, people were surprised I’d not yet published a book.  That’s how well-known I was for my writing.  I’m thinking maybe I should tackle NANOWRIMO, even if all I’m writing is stream of consciousness garbage, just to get the words flowing again.  Hmmmm ……I’ll tell you who should be writing and that’s my husband.  He has a real gift for it and has started a novel inspired by the prison system.  Life keeps getting in the way, though.  I’ve been encouraging him to try to finish it.  I think it is publication worthy.  He made the comment the other day that he may pull it out of the desk drawer and start working on it again.


  3. Laura, it isn’t that you don’t have anything to say. It’s simply depression. And no wonder! I love to read the things you have to say, and the pics you post! I’ve been going through the same thing. All the goings on with my mom and the things that need to be done to my house have gotten me depressed again. So I have not been posting much. But as I’m catching up on my subs, I’ve enjoyed seeing that you are posting again.


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