Not so cranky now, but still a little irritable … just a lot going on right now.  Some good, some annoying … let’s focus on the good, shall we?

Rehearsals for Robin Hood are going well!  I have to study my lines this weekend, as Monday evening we do not get to use our scripts any longer.  Egads!  But it will be okay.  Gotta’ work on the accent, too.  I did a pretty good British accent the first couple of nights, but Thursday night it got lost somewhere.  The director said he liked what I did earlier in the week better than Thursday, and I’m thinking “What did I change???”  I think I may have “peasant-fied” it too much, dropping “h’s” … ‘is royal directorship said not to do that.  🙂

The wedding was beautiful, but somehow we managed to get through the night without getting a photo of my daughter with the bride … and considering my daughter was part of the house party, I am disappointed by this.  But it’s okay … we had a wonderful time and the ceremony was simply gorgeous.  The new couple is returning from their honeymoon to the Virgin Islands tomorrow!

We have a new kitten, and he seems to be settling in quite well.  I received an email through our homeschool group … a member had three kittens available and two of them had folded ears.  This is a genetic “mutation” that first appeared in Scotland in the 1960’s … now called a “Scottish Fold” … I had one years ago and they are widely recognized as having sweet dispositions (my Ben was a wonderfully sweet kitty) … anyway, I now have a little boy with folded ears.  He is grey with white tips on his front feet and white boots on his back feet.  Still working on the name … under consideration are “Baxter” and “Fergus,” but I’m leaning toward Baxter right now.  Hope to have made up my mind by the end of the weekend.

I’m about to go can some tomatoes from our garden.  I’ve never canned before, but I took a class through the continuing ed dept. of our local college and really enjoyed it.  So I’m about to fly solo when the dishwasher finishes sterilizing the jars and lids! 

AJ will be going to “fight rehearsal” around lunchtime … there are some fight scenes in Robin Hood that have to be choreographed and it takes a while to do, so a separate rehearsal was in order.  When he finishes with that, we’ll be going up to his sister’s house later in the afternoon to hang out and swim in her pool.  She will be putting her house on the market in the not too distant future and so we are trying to enjoy the pool as much as possible before the house sells!  🙂

Have a great weekend!

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