Here’s the 10-day forecast … the temps are all over the place, although not nearly as bad as I’ve seen them at other times.  I don’t do well with these 30 degree swings in less than 24 hours.  It will be in the mid to low 40’s tonight before heading back toward Friday’s projected high of 76.  Things stay fairly warm for a day or so and then we dip back down into the 40’s on Monday.  Sigh.  I prefer the cooler weather and this will probably be the last of it as we head into May and summer.  It is Texas, after all.  Then I will be counting down the days until the first cool front comes through late September, early October.  Of course, my sister, who suffers from a circulatory disorder that affects her body temp LOVES summer.  It’s the only time of year that she’s moderately cool without being popsicle cold.  And I can think of a couple of instances in mid-July when I’ve seen her fingers turn purply-blue because she was … COLD.  Yes.  I know.  It’s strange, isn’t it?

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Apr 03
Sunny 76°/60° 0 %
Apr 04
Partly Cloudy 80°/67° 10 %
Apr 05
AM Clouds / PM Sun 77°/51° 10 %
Apr 06
Partly Cloudy 65°/46° 10 %
Apr 07
Partly Cloudy 68°/54° 0 %
Apr 08
Partly Cloudy / Wind 74°/64° 0 %
Apr 09
Isolated T-Storms 79°/63° 30 %
Apr 10
Scattered T-Storms 80°/64° 60 %
Apr 11
Scattered T-Storms 82°/64° 60 %
Last Updated Apr 3 12:32 a.m. CT

3 thoughts on “No Wonder We Keep Getting Sick

  1. I was out in tonight’s temps, in short cap sleeves. Felt wonderful. I am so hot natured most of the time. We have a friend at church who sounds like your sister. She is cold on the hotest day of the year. It won’t be cool enough for me again till about December.


  2. I wish it would be a permanent 75 – 80 during the day and in the 50s at night.  would be just downright lovely.  But I know that 90 – 100 temps are soon coming.  Those I can handle… it’s the 90% humidity that I totally dread!


  3. Wow. We call that “pneumonia weather”. We actually had a tornado watch here yesterday! That doesn’t usually start happening until around May. The weather is getting curiouser and curiouser. I have circulation problems in my feet. They get cold at the strangest times.


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