I feel like crud.  Achy all over, stuffy nose … you know the drill.  I will be glad when I feel like normal again.  Just making an effort to post a little more frequently.  When I feel better, I will write something more entertaining for y’all.  🙂

5 thoughts on “The Bug’s Got Me …

  1. @triciaplumley – Here, there and yon … LOL  I just haven’t been on Xanga much lately.  I think part of the reason was the new “private” page … I don’t care much for it.  I went back to my old page and I must confess, I dumped quite a few “friends” … people that I didn’t really have a connection with.  They were cluttering up my page with endless recommendations (I hate those things!) … so I’m back to my little circle and hopefully I will get back to writing some more.  Tell John I said hello if you talk to him!  I haven’t noticed him writing much lately, either.  But it could have gotten lost in all the “junk,” too.  Take care and I’ll talk to you later!


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