I have been missing in action for quite a while.  I must admit this is in part the fault of Facebook.  There are quite a few of my homeschooling circle on FB, and so I set up a page and have been having a pretty good time playing with it.  But I have missed Xanga, too.  I’m trying to decide if I want to continue with Xanga, or let it fade off into the sunset.  I see below that I can publish my Xanga entries to my Facebook profile now.  Hmmm…..  I wonder if it just publishes a link back to Xanga or if it actually publishes the Xanga entry like a note?  I may need to try this out and see what happens.   

Testing … 1 … 2 … 3…. testing ….

Is this thing on???

4 thoughts on “Hello, Stranger …

  1. It’s just a link. It brings you right back to the Xanga page. I’ve done a couple on mine in the last few days.Don’t give up Xanga, pleeeeeeasssseeeee! I still prefer Xanga, but I do check in on Facebook now. Some days now, Xanga is deader than a doornail!


  2. Facebook and Xanga have two totally different purposes in my book.  Xanga allows you to post in a way that actually has people reading your thoughts.  Facebook…. well it’s a nice little link and I’ve found the majority of people just skip by them.  I did a test and then checked my footprints and out of the many people that went by my facebook only one came to my Xanga post.  The rest didn’t.  Facebook to me is quick chit chat… what’s happening in your life.  Not that you can’t take Facebook deeper but I really think very few people use it that way.  It’s a connection tool.  Xanga is a blogging tool.  My son has his facebook, Twitter, and blogs all linked.  He posts to one and it goes all three places.  I’m not that driven and I refuse (so far) to Twitter.I also have backed off of Xanga but not because of Facebook.  It’s more a kind of “cloud of despair” that descends when I read the news.  I suppose I need to get out of my funk and get back to business.


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