I meant to post this a few days ago, when it happened, but I got busy and … well, here it is — better late than never.

AJ’s motorcycle needed some work and the only Honda shop near us is about 50 miles away in LaMarque, Texas.  So I followed him over there to drop it off before Thanksgiving.  They knew what the problem was, and said they’d have it ready when we got back into town the next week.

So I took him over to pick it up the other day — the bike is just fine, problem solved, and my boy was tickled pink to get “Wanda the Honda” back.  We grabbed some dinner at Kelley’s Country Diner and then headed back home going up FM 2004.  Not too far into our drive, it started raining. 

Of all the luck.

I was following at a safe distance behind my guy, keeping an eye on him.  He’s a very safe motorcyclist, having ridden bikes since he was a teenager, and he also elected to take a motorcycle safety course when he bought his bike a few years ago.  So I wasn’t worried about HIM.  But I felt an urging to pray because the roads were getting slick from the rain and so I did.  I asked God to watch over him and protect him for the remainder of our drive.

FM 2004 is a practically unpopulated road between Texas City/LaMarque and Lake Jackson.  Just about the only thing between those two points are the chemical plants at Chocolate Bayou.  Suffice it to say, people tend to speed since there’s nothing around for miles and it’s rare to see a law enforcement officer (at least I’ve never seen one).  Because of the rain, we were both going a little slower than we normally do.  A vehicle behind me decided to pass, but because of another oncoming vehicle, he ended up between me and AJ.

A few minutes later, I just about had a heart attack — I suddenly saw the vehicle in front of me swerve to the right side of the road, and I saw AJ in front of him also move to the right side of the road.  Right then I saw an oncoming vehicle swerve back into his proper lane.

Some crazy moron was coming toward us IN OUR LANE.

Fortunately, AJ is a very good motorcylist — he was able to maneuver his bike out of the path of danger without sliding on the slick pavement or losing control.

But I also give HUGE CREDIT to the Lord — I am sure that the urging I felt to pray for him shortly before that was for a very specific reason.

Years ago, I was driving home from work.  I was behind a pickup truck carrying a sofa in the bed of the truck.  Nothing strange about that — people do it all the time, don’t they?

I got that similar urging – not to pray – but to move into the next lane, and so I did.

Not 15 seconds after changing lanes, the sofa came flying out of the bed of the truck and would have landed squarely in my window shield if I had not changed lanes.

So whenever you feel that urging to pray, to act, LISTEN … and OBEY.

3 thoughts on “When You Feel the Prompting to Pray, Obey!

  1. Amen! I’ve felt those urges many times. Once was early one morning. Steve had gone to work, and I was asleep again. I woke up, feeling the need to pray. Later that day, Steve told me they were almost in an accident on I-45 near Gulfgate, at that very time. It pays to obey!Brandon use to frequently go to the chemical plants at Chocolate Bayou, back when he was doing inspections of fire safety equipment.


  2. Same things has happened to me 2 times in the past year or so.  I was on the hi-way following a truck with a ladder in the back…and I heard in my spirit..”move”….I did and as I changed lanes…the ladder flew out of the truck and landed in the middle of traffic moving at 70 mph.  Thank you Lord!!Also, I was driving in Atlanta and riding beside an RV ( I was passing him, but we were going close to the same speed) and I heard “get passed him” I accelerated and right after I got in front of him, he ran out of the road on the right, over-corrected and swerved into my lane…He would have been on top of me.  Thank you Lord!!  You NEVER forget these times!Listening is such a good thing!  I pray that he prompts me ALL THE TIME!!!It was good to stop by…I miss visiting on Xanga Friends more.  Maybe I’ll get to visit more during the holidays!  One more exam and I’m done for 25 days!!!  I am soooo ready!Blessings!kathy


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