There may be shouts of joy in some quarters tonight, but true conservatives are sighing with heaviness of heart following this evening’s terrible loss to Obama.  

13 thoughts on “And a heavy sigh was heard across the land ….

  1. @wherever_we_go – that’s a good question … I know there are folks who are thrilled that he won … but I also know a lot of people who are as sad as I am … Texas is a big state with a lot of industry.  We have the NASA space program based in Houston, oil refineries, chemical plants, software technology companies … some of the economic plans the incoming administration have are extremely detrimental toward industry growth and profit … if companies cannot grow, cannot turn a profit because they are being taxed too heavily, logic indicates that they will have to lay off workers, resulting in higher unemployment, etc.Aside from the economic issues — we are a very conservative state.  The South tends to be more conservative (if you look at a map of the post-election results, Senator McCain won a large portion of the Southeast, except for Florida).  Obama has very little faith in the ability of individuals to care for themselves … I fear that we are jumping in the deep end of a socialist pool, where the freedoms that we have fought to protect for so many years will be cast aside like yesterday’s newspaper.  there’s the pro-life issue, the protection of marriage as a God-ordained union between man and woman, then I worry about retaining the freedom to homeschool my daughter … many of the rights we enjoy are in serious danger.What I truly fear is that God has allowed us to elect the president we deserve, reaping what we have sown for many unrepentant years.   I hope this answers your question — my emotions are still pretty high and I’m not very eloquent.


  2. I fear the impact on “us” will be great.  Our state has much that is targeted.  Energy being at the top of the hit list.  So far Texas, especially our area has been somewhat insulated from this economic mess since we are mainly energy related in industry.  I fear that the coming policies will bring us down like the rest of the country and we shall see a repeat of the early 80s in the oil industry.  But I’m sure it will only be in “fairness”.@Kristenmomof3 – TXMom is right, we are a downright friendly state.  🙂  AND Texas legally holds the right to secede from the Union…. yup, we can actually do it (not that we would) because by treaty and state charter Texas, since it functioned as it’s own nation and willingly joined the USA, was granted the right to secede at any time from the USA.  But come on down, ya’ll are welcome!


  3. @Kristenmomof3 – Eh, I iive in the quasi-country (in a little “village” of 2,000, but with an acre of land to call my own…in 10 more years if Obama doesn’t make me share it with someone… bleh)  Anyway, I’ve only seen one or two in the 8 years I’ve been here.  Usually a couple of outdoor cats help take care of the snake problem.


  4. @Kristenmomof3 – Shoot I saw more snakes growing up in the mountains of Colorado (diamond back rattlers) and in New Mexico than I ever have living in Texas.  🙂  There’s plenty of room to avoid them here.  I have about two acres of land, only seen one snake… a little garden snake.  Now if only I could get rid of that annoying mole that keeps tearing up my lawn!


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