I can’t remember if I posted about this week before last, but we spent 3 days in Fort Worth when my husband’s 93 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip.  Things weren’t looking good, but she came through surgery well and we had high hopes for a good recovery.

My mom-in-law just called and said that the doctors are saying that if we want to see her alive, we need to come now.  It’s about a five hour trip to Fort Worth.  I’m waiting to hear what my husband decides.  Please pray for the family and for safe travels for us if he decides we can make it before she passes.


4 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. I’m so sorry, Laura. I am praying. When my grandmother died, we got the call that Sunday morning, and rushed to the hospital. She died just minutes before we got there. I wish we could have seen her one last time. But we know where she is. We’ll see her again…maybe sooner than we think.


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