Decided to “shake things up” a little around here with a new theme … how do you like it?  It’s simple, nothing fancy … and I didn’t even tweak it after “stealing” it from the themes directory.  I post a few photos from time to time and I decided that I needed a more simple layout that wouldn’t fight with the photos I share with you.  So there it is.

My girl and I attended a retreat this past weekend — A Maiden’s Quest — it was very inspirational for both of us, even though it was aimed at 12 – 17 year old young ladies.  If I didn’t have a pile of laundry and other things to take care of, I would tell you about it in great detail.  The shortened version is that the young ladies were encouraged to become God’s vision of young women, rather than the cheapened version the world would have them emulate.  I think one thing that made an impression on me was that they were encouraged to see wifehood and motherhood as legitimate “careers” … so many young women today do not see the value in these callings, thinking that they MUST have a career like that of doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc., with a salary attached.  I truly believe that a big reason so many of our children are falling through the cracks, so to speak, is because they are not “mothered” in that good old fashioned way.  Rather than greeting Little Guy or Gal with milk and cookies and a good conversation about what happened in their day, the combined paychecks of Dad AND Mom distribute “love” in the form of activities and material goods.  Both jobs are NECESSARY because all the “needs” of life can’t be bought with one paycheck.  And there’s the debate … just how much do we really NEED?  Could we live with careful frugality on one paycheck and find ways to nurture the parent/child relationship without the need for a second income?  This is my ultimate goal … to work with intensity to pay off a few debts so that I can shut my business down and be there for my girl before it is too late.  …but now I’m getting into a lengthy post and I really do need to go.  Maybe I will expand on this line of thought a bit later.

Have a good afternoon!

3 thoughts on “Needing a Change …

  1. Like the new theme.That sounds like a good retreat, teaching some valuable things. When I was in high school, which was 1971-1975, we had a “careers” class. We had to figure out what we wanted to do for a career. And of course, wife and mother was not on the list. I always felt like I was doing something wrong in wanting only that.I DID work…for about 10 years. I worked for Houston Lighting & Power from 1975 to 1985. It was a good job. We married in 1979 and Brandon was born in 1981. When I was expecting Rachel in 1984, we planned on me quitting, so we were paying off bills in order to do that. I had to quit a little early. I didn’t go back after she was born and then died. Then when Beth was born in 1986, I was already staying home.Even after I stayed home, though, I kept children some. I started in 1987, keeping the daughter of a girl I worked with. I will tell you I don’t think it’s a bad thing for women to have some kind of home-based job….unless it takes up all their time. The Proverbs 31 woman certainly had a home-based business.It has been nice the last few years not to have to keep other people’s children, but it was certainly a chance to expose them to church and God’s word. I took them with me everywhere. A couple of he girls are now like little sisters to Beth. You might have seen pics of them on my site…Candice and Jordan. I had to be the mom to them that they needed, since their mom really wasn’t.I am amazed at the number of even “Christian” young women, who give in to the temptation to dress and act like the world. More churches need to teach classes on how to dress and act modestly.


  2. I love the new theme. It is warm and inviting.Both of the vets I spent my day with believe the problem with America today is that children today are not being “mothered” the way they were. They both gave amzing amounts of credit to their Moms.Keep up the good work, friend.Old Hat


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