So we ran by the library earlier to return some books.  I’m trying to discipline myself to read magazines at the library, rather than waste money on them at the checkout line or even with subscriptions.  If there’s something interesting that I want for reference later, there’s the good old copy machine.  I was scanning the mags on the display and the latest Rachel Ray caught my eye.

Now, I’m not a fan, but I noticed she was featuring recipes for an Election Night party.  And that got my curiosity up.  I know that she is Oprah’s little discovery and all that, but I couldn’t help but pick up the mag to see if there were any overt indicators of her leaning ….

And sure enough!  On the first page of the article the stylist had arranged various campaign items … along the upper edge of the page were two campaign buttons.  Obama’s was crisp, clear and fully visible, while McCain’s ran off the edge of the page (meaning it got “cropped”).  Hmmm … maybe it was just an accident?  Turning to the next page ….

NOPE!  The evidence screamed from the table awash in red, white and blue patriotism … plastic cups were decorated with Obama and McCain campaign stickers.  Obama’s cup was turned so that the entire sticker was visible, and once again crisp & clear.  McCain’s cup?  Turned slightly to the side so that only the “McCai-” showed, and even that was blurry.

I knew I didn’t like that goofy woman and this confirms it.  You’d think you could pick up a cooking magazine without running into the blatant prejudice against conservatives (after all, who loves the warmth of hearth and home, the smell of Mom’s apple pie, etc. than conservatives?)

Ah, well.  Just thought I’d share that little tidbit.  The magazine is out right now if you want to check it out.  Tell me if you think it was an accident or she did it on purpose. 

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