Read the entire article, but note this little bit that really tickled my funny bone (notable bits are in boldface):

This week, after but two days of watching the media’s coverage
of the looming Democratic convention, columnist Tony Blankley — a gentleman
to the utmost
— coined the term “the mainstream moron media.” My guess is
that Blankley was perfectly serene when he typed out that line. Most
probably, he was wearing an immaculately starched English shirt. Possibly,
he was wearing a tie, and almost certainly, he had his pants on. But
really after two days of the media’s homogenized mush,
enough is enough.
“When I turned the TV on,” Blankley wrote at the outset of
the convention coverage, “the political cable shows were filled with liberal
pundits, liberal anchors, liberal guest historians, liberal weather gals and
guys, liberal news-you-can-use chicks and liberal political ‘strategists’
(i.e., out-of-work former Democratic National Committee gofers).”
Practically everything they droned on about was stupid.

Tyrell has such a lovely rhythm to his writing:

Hillary just lost a presidential bid
considered for months to have been “inevitable” (though I always had my
doubts, as you will recall), and she lost to a political neophyte, a
neighborhood organizer from Chicago. By the end of the first month of the
primaries, she had blown through $100 million. She was doomed by Feb. 5.
During her extended soap opera, she was personally indecisive (as was
predictable), presided over a chaotic and embittered staff (again,
predictable), and had no control of her reckless husband (stupendously
predictable), who, contrary to what the mainstream moron media say, almost
never has been an asset for any candidate he’s supported. In 2004, he
campaigned for 14 candidates, 12 of whom lost — but I repeat myself.

Stupendously predictable … I’m going to be looking for an excuse to use that phrase … for some strange reason, it just pleases my ear.

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