There’s a new quote to ponder above … a friend shared this with me, and while it cracked me up, it also scared the socks off me!  Heaven forbid he should win.  If he does, we are in serious danger.

6 thoughts on “New Quote to Ponder

  1. I have long used that fact in my argument against Obama…. and the reply is… but he was in his state senate for a couple of years….. rrrrrightttt….. a seat he won by having his opponent dicredited so they had to withdraw and he sailed into office with virtually no opposition   Yes, this is change folks.


  2. Not much to ponder on that quote but a great one nonetheless. Obama is almost entirely a media creation and they’ve been pimping him since 2004, when they got a high school crush on the guy which has evolved into denial of epic proportions. Yes the 143 day career senator and the author of 2 autobiographies before he’s even done anything has got one word right: Audacity. 


  3. 143 days?!  I knew he didn’t have any experience to brag about, but that’s worse then I thought.  That’s only, what, 4 months?  I don’t mean to sound ultra-righteous, but right when we all first learned who was going to be running for president, I knew right then that we were going to all have to be super-reliant on Jesus.  Experience: 143 days vs. eternity…I’m going with Jesus.  –Laura


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