My little guy …

This past Sunday my husband (with the help of our neighbor) discovered six kittens in a rotten tree stump on the property next door.  He fished them all out over the course of about two hours.  Two went home with my sister, two went with a friend into “foster care” until she can find homes for them, and two stayed with us.  I don’t have a picture of my daughter’s black kitten, Lily Belle, but this is my guy.  I’m still undecided on a name at present.  Some possibilities:

Mr. Darcy

Any opinions?  Suggestions?

7 thoughts on “New Addition to the Family ….

  1. Ahhhh… how cute.  I’m partial to Henry or Waldo.  Or Chester… as in Cheshire Cat….My cousin had a dog named Hortense.  It was a great name until her daughter was about three.  She’d go outside to call the dog in and stand on the step hollering in her loudest voice… “here Hore…. come here Hore”.  Got a lot of laughs out of that dog’s name.  They always had to explain it to new neighbors.


  2. @miss_o_hara – I think we’re leaning towards Waldo, too … I was really “hung up” on Mr. Darcy, but when I was playing with him the name “Waldo” popped into my head and I’ve not been able to get rid of it.  It’s not the most “elegant” of names, but it seems to suit his personality.  Very mild-mannered, Waldo is.


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