it’s been a crazy week with appointments every day.  It’s become our annual tradition to have a few friends over for the traditional fare of burgers, hot dogs, baked beans and the like.  I’ve not had a chance to go to the store until now, so I’m about to head out to the insanity that is the grocery store on the night before any holiday.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Pottermom for reminding me at what cost we celebrate this very important day, though.  So while we’ll be having a good time tomorrow with the yummy food, kids splashing in the pool, and fireworks later in the evening, we’ll be remembering how very blessed we are to live in this great country … it may have its flaws and shortcomings, and our leaders may make us want to beat our heads against brick walls at times … but as Michael Medved says each day on his radio program, it truly is …

the greatest country on God’s green earth.

Happy Fourth of July!

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