is awesome!  Or at least my first experience has been pretty good.  A gal in our area was on the lookout for a rice cooker for her large family of 6.  I had one in my cabinet that I was seriously thinking about getting rid of not two weeks ago because I use it so rarely (maybe 4 times since I’ve bought it).  So I sent her an email and said, “If you want it, you can have it.”  When she got it, she hugged me THREE times.  That was really cool.

Today I touched base with someone who had almost full bottles of clothes soap available … I don’t know if she has an allergy to the fragrancee or what, but she was getting rid of a brand-new bottle of Tide (24 washes), an almost full box of Arm & Hammer w/ OxyClean (96 washes), and a half-full bottle of Everyday Living (Kroger) brand (96 washes) … the two people who expressed an interest prior to myself never showed up to pick them up.  So she left them on the front porch for me to pick up … which I did about 10 minutes ago.  My jeans are currently washing in a “free” load (well, free except for electricity … we have a well, so the water’s free, too!)

Have a great day!

P.S. — Just got the scoop on the soap — she just got a brand-new HE washer.  She wanted to get the old soap out of the house so there’d be no chance of someone messing up the machine by using the wrong soap in it.  LOL

7 thoughts on “Freecycle …

  1. I use freecycle quite a bit.  I’ve given away printer cartridges for a printer I didn’t have anymore, a basketball goal, moving boxes, and a few other things.  I’ve picked up just a few items, usually small things that I’d never put out money on.  lol  But  I did get Girl Scout cookies from the lady who took my printer cartridge as a thank you.  That was cool!


  2. Thanks for the idea…I have 2 storage rooms full of daddy and mother’s stuff that I still need to go thru.  I haven’t because I am dreading it in more ways than one. One is the feeling of reducing all that is left of their material belongings as yard sale fodder and then of course there is the not wanting to walk through it all for it will be memory lane for sure and I will not want to get rid of it because it’s pretty much what I have left of my childhood besides my memories locked up in my head.  It stinks no having a sibling to share those memories with after your parents are gone.  Anyway, a yard sale will not happen…just don’t have the energy to do all that for $100…and dropping it off at goodwill will be good for some of it, but I’d really like for someone who “wants” the stuff to get it.  all this to say…I’m going to check it out!  What a great idea. OOoooh singing mom don’t talk too loud…she may want her soap back..   yay   free!!


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