My girl is on the precipice of teen-hood.  Of course, I doubt she sees it that way … it’s an adventure!  It’s exciting!  It’s “Mommy, get a grip … I’ll be okay!”

(Fortunately, she promised me that no matter how old she gets, she will always call me “Mommy.”  I don’t know why, but I do not want to be called “Mama” or “Mom.”   Maybe it’s because those are MY mother’s names and I want to be “special”?)

Anyway, we’re doing some room shuffling around here.  A few weeks ago I sold shutters to a couple here in town who own a furniture store.  We negotiated a deal where they got a discount on their shutters and I got an equal discount on some mattress sets that we needed.  My girl is downsizing from a double bed to a twin so that she’ll have more room.  Since we’re moving her into the smaller bedroom so AJ and I can share the larger one as an office (for him) and scrapbooking spot (for me), we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet — paint her “new” room before we put all the furniture back in.  She knew EXACTLY what she wanted. 

I suppose you can detect a “surfer” theme here?  AJ’s taken her out a few times to try out her surfboard and she’s doing pretty well.  So rather than red with a horse theme (what I expected), she threw me a curve ball when she requested this!  We went to Lowe’s to pick up a couple of gallons of paint after I picked her up Sunday afternoon from church camp (She was gone for four days — that was really weird!  I’m not sure if she enjoyed it, as she is really a little homebody, but it was good for her to stretch her wings and try something new.)

Here are the colors she picked.  The first color is on three walls, and the second color is on the fourth wall:

Cuban Orchid (Valspar)

Fuchsia Flock (Olympic)

I can tell you, NEITHER of these paint chips do the VIBRANCY of her selections justice.  It is some BRIGHT in that bedroom.  But it is perfectly girly, perfectly teen-ish, perfectly tropical surfer girl.  And when the walls are good and dry, we’ll move it all back in, I’ll find the vintage reproduction surf posters I used to decorate for AJ’s 40th birthday three years ago and I think MY surfer girl will be very happy.

I hope so … because that pink is going to be a bear to cover up if we ever change the color of the room … and we just may never do that.  (I hate to paint.  This is truly me loving my girl.)   

5 thoughts on “Doing a Little Updatin’ Around Here …

  1. I remember when Hannah did her first decorating job on her room…. Lime green walls.  I kid you not.  It looked like a nuke had gone off in her room!  lol    I like your daughter’s choices.


  2. Pretty!  You may recall My Nurse and I painted she and Bama Boy rooms last spring 2007.  I also hate to paint, but love a freshly painted room with all its cleaness!  It is fun to see their ideas and creativity bloom!Bama Boy still calls  me Mommy.,,,in front of his friends…he’ll be 20 in August….Some make fun of him, but it doesn’t seem to phase him!  I love it!Blessing to you and yours Miss Laura!kathy


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