I dislike it greatly when the “N” word is used.  I ESPECIALLY  dislike it when it is used by a  certain segment of the African-American population.  Why is it okay for them (you know, the hip hop rap crowd) to use that word, but if someone else (i.e., not of color) uses it, they are crucified as a racist?  An ugly word is an ugly word and I don’t think it should be okay for one group of people to use it and others to be criticized for using the same word. 

On the same front, I do not mind the “B” word when it is used as a verb (meaning to complain about something), but I do not like it when used as an insult (duh!) … Why do some teenagers think it’s so cute to call each other that?  “She’s my b****!”  So crude. 

P.S. — Hey, Gill – I refrained from using the “H” word while answering this question!  LOL

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2 thoughts on “Is there a specific epithet, slang term or curse word that you absolutely cannot stand?

  1. There are many words I do not like, and I’m a little more strict on them. I don’t like the b word, except when it’s used to describe a female dog. People forget that’s the original meaning of the word.I don’t like it when people say “crap.” It’s just a substitute for the “sh” word. Do people really think God is happy with that usage? And I absolutely detest the “f” word. There’s just no good usage for that, in any form of the word.


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