Our home is a toxic waste dump … by our own choice.  We have engaged in chemical warfare against the dreaded Ctenocephalides canis, otherwise known as the flea.  But we do not speak in the singular, as these little monsters reproduce in the hundreds, nay, in the thousands.  My husband has sprayed under our house with Malathion, and sprayed the interior with a mixture recommended by our local feed store.  Each dog has received several baths, plus an additional treatment of Adams Flea Spray.  Things are quiet right now.  We hold our breaths in hope that the enemy is vanquished … and pray that they are not merely rallying for the next engagement.  I am off to vacuum up their dead little carcasses, laughing all the time as I do it.

I just hope that we do not sprout extra arms in our sleep as a result of the extreme chemical measures we’ve taken …………

7 thoughts on “Pickled, We Are

  1. lol.  I’m glad I’m not in your shoes.We have fleas in our yard, something I have to deal with soon but the house is still flea free.  Of course dogs are banned from the indoors so that helps.


  2. Ack – I hope that takes care of the problem!  I’d recommend diatomaceous earth (food grade) – you can use it as a flea powder on the animals, too, and it won’t hurt them.  I got mine from Dirt Works, a place in NJ.  They’ll ship it. 


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