A —
“Amie” (Pure Prairie League) — I remember hearing this song covered by a band playing at the Mine Shaft in Charlottesville, Virginia back in 1984.  I was visiting a friend for spring break and I loved the geeky, intellectual atmosphere … the band did their sound check by reciting Chaucer’s Prologue to The Canterbury Tales.

B —
“Baker Street” (Gerry Rafferty) — I think I probably heard this for the first time when we lived in St. Croix in the late 70’s.  I just love this song.

C —
“Classical Gas” (Mason Williams) — Some of the most awesome instrumental work (IMHO).
“Come Monday”(Jimmy Buffett) — Probably my favorite Buffett song of all time.
(I couldn’t make up my mind between these two …)

D —
“December, 1963” (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons) — Just love it, just love it.  No reason.  Just do.

E — 
“Everybody’s Talkin'” (Jimmy Buffett) — Moving where the sun keeps shinin,’ through the pourin’ rain, going where the weather suits my clothes …

F —
“Fire and Rain” (James Taylor) — Great song.  Saw him in concert back in 1988.  A gal at work had won tickets on the radio and didn’t have a CLUE who he was.  I cheerfully took them off her hands … seats on the floor, probably all of 10 or 11 rows back from the stage.  Pretty cool night, it was.

G —
“Give It All You’ve Got” (Chuck Mangione) — He plays an instrument with a weird name (flugelhorn), but dude!  The man can play!

H —
“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” (James Taylor) — Can you tell I like James Taylor?

I — 
“I Feel For You” (Chaka Khan) — Yeah, I know.  But this song makes me smile for some reason and I remember having a great time dancing with my friends back in college …

J —
“Jungle Love” (Steve Miller Band) — Jungle love, it’s driving me mad, it’s making me crazy, crazy!

K —
“Kyrie” (Mister Mister) — So many of these are from college days — but I’m not sure I think anything worth listening to has come out since then.  😉

L —
“Limelight” (Rush) — Having been involved in theater in high school, and having had a crush on one of the guys in the drama club who was a big Rush fan, it was only natural that I’d have a strong affection for this particular tune.  🙂

M —
“More Than A Feeling” (Boston) — I remember riding over to Clear Lake with some friends to see a performance of “The Merchant of Venice” at the University of Houston.  We rode in my friend’s black ’78 Trans Am and this song came on.  I’ve always loved it.

N —
“Never Been Any Reason” (Head East) — Back before John Schlitt sang for Petra, he was the vocalist for this band.

O —
“One of These Nights” (The Eagles) — I like just about anything sung by The Eagles. 

P —
“Piano Man” (Billy Joel) — I really love his older songs … the ones that tell stories. 

Q —
Can’t find a song that starts with “Q” on any of my music lists … I’m sure after I post this, I will find something. “Que Sera Sera” (Doris Day) — I knew I’d think of something after I posted this.

R —
“Red Barchetta” (Rush) — I LOVE this song’s lyrics … pure poetry.

S —
“Summer Breeze” (Seals & Croft) — I don’t really like summer … it’s so incredibly hot, but this song makes me think that summer could be a good thing.  Maybe in a parallel universe, but it could be a good thing.

T —
“Tangerine” (Harry Connick, Jr.) — We started looking for Harry’s CD’s after falling in love with the “When Harry Met Sally” soundtrack.  Good stuff, good stuff.

U —
“Unchained Melody” (The Righteous Brothers) — I love it when my husband sings this song.

V —
“Valerie” (Steve Winwood) — I’ve liked it ever since the first time it came out in 1982.

W —
“Whenever I Call You Friend” (Kenny Loggins) — Back before he came the King of the Soundtrack (Caddyshack, Top Gun, Footloose, etc.)

X —
See “Q” …  (Still nothin’.)

Y —
“You’ve Got A Friend” (James Taylor) — There’s that name again …

Z —
See “Q” … (Still nothin’.)

4 thoughts on “For Old Hat … a Musical A-B-C …

  1. We can swap music anyday and feel right at home, friend. I love JT and have been a Stevie Winnwood fan since Traffic days. I started to put “Low spark of high heeled boys” on my list but I decided explaining it would be tough. =)I think I could do a list with just James Tayler or Gerry Rafferty songs. Such great music. I also have I feel for you with Chaka Khan and Rufus on my iPod. =)Great stuff! Thanks for playing.Old Hat


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