I spoke with our director a few minutes ago … and I’ve been cast in the part of the Mother!  It’s a small role, just the last two or three pages of the script and the character is described as “jovial” — I think I can do “jovial” … LOL

My character says the very last line in the play!  Ack!  What if I flub it?  Scary!  We have to have our lines memorized by the first of July … you can imagine that I’ll be working very hard.  Fortunately, each “line” is only one or two sentences long … no major monologues.  Whew!

No major announcements have been made regarding the cast, but since my Xanga is on Friends Lock and I doubt any of you will be calling the AP Wire, I felt like it would be okay to share my news with you. 

5 thoughts on “Excitement/Panic Ensues …

  1. @Gill_L – My girl is going to be part of an “Andrews Sisters” bit right before intermission … there were several “junior thespians” that read beautifully, but the play just didn’t have enough parts to accommodate all of them … Our director and producer (husband and wife, plus founders of our little guild) had the inspired idea to have these girls come out right before intermission and do a little ditty promoting the theater guild to the community.  They’ll have costumes, sing a little song and have their moment in the sun.  He also indicated that her knowledge and skills will be needed as part of the backstage crew, which tickled her pink because it takes someone with maturity and responsibility to work backstage (well, I’m trying here … it does take those things, but my past experience also tells me you have to be a little crazy to work on either side of the curtain!)@sarahsD – Thanks!  Thank you both!


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