We had our first round of auditions last night … I think they went well.  I just wish we could get more MEN to show up for auditions.  We always have plenty of women, teenagers, and kids … but not so many men.  I think there were four there last night.  Hopefully tonight (the last night) will bring some around.  It’s always so much fun, and thus far our shows have turned a profit, which makes the BHF (Brazoria Heritage Foundation) quite happy.  We exist under their umbrella, and all our proceeds above production costs go towards BHF projects.  If you’d like to check some of it out, here’s the link:  Brazoria Heritage Foundation

AJ actually talked me into auditioning … there is one role that would be quite fun to play, but is relatively small … the role of Harold’s wife, Tessie.  I think she’s a bit of a shrew (!).  I’m okay with whichever way it goes.  I’m hoping my girl gets the one part there is for a girl her age … she did a great job last night.  There was another younger girl that did well, too, but I’m thinking Jami’s projection is much better and of course, I just think she’s cute as a bug.  Ha!  Two women that auditioned were pains in the backside, as they managed to get a copy of EVERY cutting and held on to them for dear life.  My friend, L, and I were talking amongst ourselves and we’re not sure that indicates “team player” mentality, as they did not offer to share any of them when others were in need.  We had quite a few printed out, but you know … for the convenience of those auditioning and in the interest of moving things along so we weren’t there until midnight it would have been nice if they’d said, “Oh, you need Cutting 5?  Here, I have a copy …”

Well, enough of that … today’s a busy day:  orthodontist appointment this morning, last piano class before Thursday’s recital this afternoon and ballet class this evening, plus the last night of auditions.  I’d better get on with the day!

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  1. @sarahsD – Hey, Ria!  Sorry for the delay … right when I was about to respond, our internet service went out.  It took several hours to get it back up and running.  Oh, well!I am going to answer your question in a new post, so check there, ‘kay? 


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