We’re about to head out the door … our church has an annual “Grillin’ & Chillin'” event in May.  All the guys (and gals) that like to barbeque bring out their big ol’ bbq pits and cook beef, chicken, and pork while the rest of us bring side dishes.  The BBQ teams are quite competitive, in a fun way … nothing too serious.  But there will be trophies awarded for the tastiest morsels in each category, plus an over-all champ.  And then the back-n-forth “just wait ’til next year” will begin late this afternoon when our bellies are all full and we’re headed home.  LOL  The best part for the kids is that the volunteer fire department brings out one of their trucks and sprays the water hose way up in the air for the kids to run around underneath.

Here are a few shots from last year’s event:

Some Texans take their BBQ setups VERY seriously!

But bigger doesn’t always mean better … Dexter won best over-all BBQ with this quite modestly sized BBQ pit.

AJ (my hubby) took his judging duties equally seriously …

The kids loved playing in the water provided by the local volunteer fire department …

This is my girl … I think someone put shaved ice down the back of her swimsuit …

And here are all the teams that participated in the cook-off.   Winners got cool aprons and trophies!

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