It’s 6:30 a.m. and I’ve not gone to bed yet.  Thing is, I have an appointment at 9:30 and I know that if I lay my head down, I won’t wake up in time.  I got a good night’s sleep Wednesday night, but Tuesday night I didn’t go to bed at all, either.  I have got to get a normal sleep routine going.  It just seems like I can get so much more done in the middle of the night … no interruptions, no distractions.  But it’s not healthy.  Not at all.

I’d better go see if I can take a little 30 minute nap …

Have a good one.

6 thoughts on “Somethin’s gotta’ give …

  1. Oh, my….you sound like me. I do that, too, so I understand. In fact, this week has been rough when it comes to sleep. There are many nights when I don’t sleep at all, and sleep deprivation causes me to have seizures. Not good.


  2. @MTnesting – I never went to bed!  ACK!  We got all our business taken care of, though, and we’ll be leaving for the homeschool musical theater production shortly.  Then home and TO BED, for sure.  Jami has a horseback riding clinic tomorrow morning, so no late night for me tonight! @SingingMom – Sleep deprivation causes me to be cranky, but I’d say that’s pretty minor to your situation!  Girlie, get some rest!@pottermom –  Thanks for the prayers!  I suppose more than prayer for gentle restful nights, I need prayer for self-discipline (LOL)!  To get myself in those jammies and get in bed when I know I should.  @sarahsD – Off and on my entire life, I’ve been “bad” about puttering around at night when I should be getting my 40 winks … this “bad” habit was great when I was single working at a law firm where overtime was in abundance.  It was nothing to go in at 8 a.m., work until midnight and come back at 8 a.m. the next day.  I guess I’m a bit of a night owl.


  3. Thanks for the support, good grannies I wish I’d just keep my mouth shut, but I always think, maybe it’s just not been said…but instead, I think it’s not been heard.   It sure helps to have a teachable spirit…I remember being one for logic instead of faith …He was faithful to change me, thankfully!  So painful to watch though.   Hope your sleeping better…


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