Wow.  This one is tough, as I listened to so much music back then, it’s difficult to remember everything … I think I have the years and songs matched pretty closely … let’s give it a try, shall we?

1980:  “The Renegade” by Styx  (I first heard this when we lived in St. Croix … my best friend and I would play backgammon, drink orange Lipton tea, and listen to “Pieces of Eight” … we were 15 and didn’t have wheels, and we were pretty good kids, so this was entertainment enough for us.)

1981:  “Red Barchetta” by Rush  (This is an incredible piece of poetry put to music that makes me FEEL the car through the stereo speakers.  I love this song, and hearing it when I’m behind the wheel is a bad, bad thing …)

1982:  “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey  (My senior class’s theme song.)

1983:   “Africa” by Toto (I workd at the community college radio station my freshman year and this was on the top ten list when I was spinning albums … YES, SPINNING albums … made of black vinyl … a few years later, when CD’s came out, we were just certain they were a fad.  SHUT UP!)

1984:  “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2  (Probably the first song by U2 that I have a conscious memory of … what incredible musicians!)

1985:  “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley  (My roomie in college was a spoiled little rich girl with a Z28 and more money than sense.  We would go riding the main drag with this song blasting, singing at the top of our lungs … I find it amusing that the lines “Yesterday I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac … a little voice inside my head said “Don’t look back, you can never go back …” from one of our favorite songs fits so perfectly.  We had fun, but it was shallow fun … we had no true friendship and while I think “that was a blast,” I’d never want to go back there again.)

1986:  “Pretty in Pink” by The Psychedelic Furs  (When my college boyfriend and I broke up and then got back together a few weeks later, we went to see this movie and I liked the song.  We ended up breaking up again and didn’t see each other for four years.  We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this past February.  Some happy endings just have a few bumps in the road. 

1987:  “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel  (This song haunts me … the music and the words make my heart ache … and I don’t really know why.)



At the moment I’m drawing a blank on 1988 and 1989 …. I’ll have to think about those two years and get back to you.  I think that may have been about the time that I started listening more to talk radio and kind of lost touch with current music.  In all honesty, there’s been very little come out since the 90’s that I’ve been tempted to listen to.  I like the songs of my youth, I guess. LOL

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

5 thoughts on “What’s the best ’80s band of all time – or, at least, of that decade?

  1. I remember U2, but for me they were a 90’s discovery.  Maybe cause the music got crap and I went backwards rather than forward.Was lucky enough to see them in their Australian concert in ’06 it was huge.So you married your college sweetheart?  Did I read that right?x


  2. @sarahsD – Yes, you read that right … it’s a long story, but one that really illustrates the grace of God in so many ways.  When we first met, I was not walking with the Lord and my husband was an absolute heathen.  We dated for two years and then split up.  During the four years that we were apart, I figured some things out (like my need for a relationship that wasn’t hit or miss with the Lord) and my husband asked the Lord into his heart.  Not two weeks after he did this, I ran into his mother at the church that I was attending in Houston.  She had met and fallen in love with a gentleman who went there and they were getting married in a few weeks.  She invited me to the wedding.  I almost didn’t go, but then I decided to go ahead.  Eleven months later my husband and I got married.  We’ve been married 16 years now and have a 12 year old daughter.I think the thing that amazes me is how God guided our footsteps so that we were in the “right place at the right time” … My mother-in-law was living in Galveston … I was living on the north side of Houston, about 70 miles away.  The church at which we ran into each other was in the middle of Houston.  My husband (during the four years we were apart) taught school in my hometown and amazingly enough, we never ran into each other all the times I was in town to visit my family … because the time was not yet right.  He’d not committed himself to the Lord.  So for me to run into his mother at my church in the middle of a city with roughly 4 million residents, two weeks after he got saved … well, that couldn’t just happen, I don’t think.I’m chuckling about your going backwards rather than forwards musically speaking … I’m much the same way.  There just isn’t a whole lot of new stuff out there that I like these days.  Give me the classics (of any genre: rock, jazz, country, swing … you name it!) any day.  🙂


  3. Wow what an amazing story.I often wonder if I had not married my husband right away and trusted God would his salvation be quicker.You know what you know to do at the time. I was pregnant and he wanted to raise his son.  It seemed like the lesser of two evils to marry a non-Christian than to have  a child torn between his parents.You can’t live in retrospect EXCEPT when it comes to music!We have had our fair share of grace heaped upon us.God is goodx


  4. @TXMom2Jami – That’s a good story. I was raised in the church we still go to now, but after high school, I was not going as much. I knew Steve from work, but was not dating him (I was dating other people). But we knew each other for 4 years, and I kind of began to be interested in him, and we went out. He got interested in God (because all my car radio stayed on was a Christian station) and he just could not get enough. Now he teaches and preaches, and we’ve been married almost 29 years.


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