Hmmm … let me see.  Spent the day at the library with the kiddo yesterday.  Got a good bit done.  Made a quick side-trip to Tuesday Morning.  They  had Breyer model horses in their inventory and my girl had to see what they had.  $20 later there’s another addition to her ever growing herd … LOL

Today I measured windows for a possible client, went to lunch with my guy and our girl … this evening our photography class met at the college to take advantage of the light from the setting sun.  At lunch, we ran into one of my instructors and he was taken by my girl’s HUGE blue eyes.  So he told me I should bring her along to model for us.  This tickled her immensely.  She enjoyed being the focal point of 20+ budding photographers and handled it quite well, posing as our teachers asked.  Here are three photos I took of my girl, plus one of a fountain near the entry of the college.  I’m fairly pleased with the photos that I took, but I am VERY excited that my instructor is going to give me a CD of photos HE took of my daughter.  I saw some of them on the preview window of his camera and they ARE fantastic.  Someone made a crack about free photos and he quickly set them straight, saying, “They’re not free, she worked for them!”  I appreciated that HE appreciated Jami’s efforts to do what they asked.  She’s only 12 and she listened very carefully as they told her to “tilt your head this way … now move your chin a tiny bit to the left.  Good, okay now, look over this way …”

It’s not easy, and I was very proud of her.  Eddie’s photos of her are incredible.  I may post one or two of them here, with proper credit of course, for your enjoyment.

Have a good one –

Oh, and “P.S.” — I’ve decided that my instructors are actually pretty nice guys.  I don’t know what happened there at the beginning … if I just needed time to get to know them better or what, but I’m actually growing somewhat fond of them … LOL

6 thoughts on “Checking in …

  1. The second one is my favorite.    On Breyers … I have a whole barn-full.  lol  Unfortunately no room to get them out, though.  One of these days, I need to start “thinning the herd” so to speak. 


  2. RYC:Thanks so much for stopping by my site and the lovely encouraging things you said.Life is such an amazing journey, and home schooling certainly adds to the excitement of it all.  For me it has been a lot like surfing (lol not that I surf).  Sometimes you catch a wave and end up head down butt up in the sand of failure, but you just hop right back on that board and catch the next wave.Eventually you are going to have a day where it is like living life in slow motion… the glimmer of the sun on the waves, the spray of the ocean beautifully framing the moment, and the only sound you hear is the beat of your own heart reflecting the ‘fathers’ heart as you ride that wave towards the shore of life, knowing that at moment you heard God’s heart for your family and you were on the right track.Then someone spills the Cheerios all over the kitchen floor  and the moment passes you swiftly by… but it was there and you can still taste it’s ‘salty’ taste.Look forward to getting to know you better.x


  3. @sarahsD – Well, I can already tell we are going to get along just “swimmingly” — we live about 8 miles from the Texas Gulf Coast, and my husband, who was born on Galveston Island, took up his teenage hobby of surfing again last year!  He has two boards, and is reworking a board for our girl so that she can learn, too.  Your analogy is just lovely.  I spent a year of my childhood in the Caribbean, and while I’m not a surfer, some of my most peaceful moments and memories have been spent gazing at the waves … actually water of any sort … ocean, river, lake … Have a wonderful day!


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