the third lady who was interested in giving our Willie-man a home felt really badly about having to back out of the arrangement.  I was trying to tell her that it was okay, not to worry about it.  I emailed her that we were going to try to figure out a way to make things work better around here with four dogs.  I planned to save enough money to get Willie neutered and purchase some chain link fencing so the dogs would have a larger area out back to run and play.

She offered to let me go through her to get him neutered.  You see, she has a deal with a vet — he takes care of all her foster animals at a discounted rate, since she has so many at any given time while she works on adopting them out.  Well, instead of having to pay $250 to our vet to have the little mister neutered (and have a couple of extra teeth removed while he’s under for the surgery), it will only cost $60 if I take her up on her offer.   Then I can apply the $190 that’s left over towards fencing.  Cool beans, huh?

I will deliver him to her house tomorrow evening and pick him up on Wednesday afternoon.  What a sweet lady.  She also gave me a tip for getting him completely housebroken.  Belly bands.  As soon as he’s healed up from this surgery, we are going to get some of those and see if that will help us get him completely trained.  I’ve always thought that people who dressed their critters were a little flaky, but if this belly band thing will work, hey, I’m all for trying it.  I think what’s so exasperating is that he doesn’t do it all the time.  Just every once in a while.  I want to get him where he doesn’t do it at all, except outside where he’s supposed to!  Wonder if we could use the little princess panties on the girlie dogs for the same purpose?

I know … too much information … 

5 thoughts on “A little surprise blessing …

  1. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I love it. What a great idea and what a blessing on the neutering!  That is awesome!Looks like we are all on late tonight…I’m awaiting the bad weather……sounds like it will be here soon!


  2. Poise Pads for dogs  
    But isn’t it neat how God provides? That’s wonderful that you can use her discount for the neutering. We just had Scamper spayed at the Animal Birth Control Clinic on I-45, and it was only $70 to have her fixed and get her rabies shot. If I took her to my daughter-in-law at Banfield, it was going to cost about $200. We don’t get much of a discount there eventhough she is the vet tech.
    Every discount we can get is welcome, since we have 3 dogs and over 20 cats. I feel like I am running an animal shelter. Or a circus.


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