I had to meet with a potential client in Sargent, Texas today.  It’s a tiny little community near the coast where a good many people have weekend homes on the water.  I happened to notice on my way back home this little cemetery.  Some people think it’s weird, but I LOVE cemeteries.  I don’t really know why, but I’ve never thought of them as being “scary” places.  Granted, you probably won’t catch me walking through one at night (just a little too creepy, thank you) … but during the day, I love to walk through them, reading the headstones and wondering about the folks lying beneath. 

Here are a few photos from my little side trip:

7 thoughts on “Little Side Trip Through the Sargent Cemetery

  1. Great photos Laura!
    I love wandering around old cemeteries too – I have a favorites back in my hometown that were burial ground from the 15th -19th centuries, where some gravestones were decorated according to what trade the deceased belonged to.  For example a baker would have a sheaf of wheat.


  2. Wow, you found a cool one! I look through cemetaries too….and wonder about the history of the person. We have alot of famous people buried here in Washington state, but it”s the historical figures I like the most…famous or not. God bless your week!


  3. I worked in the production dept. of a memorial company a few years ago and even did some design work. It really gave me an appreciation of the skill and craftsmanship of the older tablets and memorials like you have here. (Excellent pics by the way.) All hand carved, (which is why marble was used a lot) they really are treasures that to often get ignored because of where they are. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I LOVE cemeteries! I have many pics I’ve taken in some of them. I have a distant cousin who is going next week to traipse through the cemetery in Johnson County, where some of our family is buried, including my ggg-grandmother. He’ll send me pics.
    And I noticed the name Freeman on that stone. I’m a Freeman descendant.


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