Please keep my friend, Miss O’Hara, in your prayers.  She lost her dear little buddy, Remington, earlier today.  If any of you have had a special furry friend in your life who’s gone on to the other side, you know how heartbreaking it is.  I lost my dear Australian Shepherd three years ago, and there are days when I run across a snapshot or two of her that my heart aches just as strongly as it did December 8, 2004.

So please say a prayer for Jen and her husband Zach, for comfort, strength, and peace during a difficult time.  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Say a Little Prayer, Please …

  1. I’ll definately say a prayer!
     I lost my Australian sheppherd August 6th, 2005…awesome dog. She had to have been mixed with lab maybe??? She was chocolate brown..named her Chelsea? But  we called her Billie…because she hopped around like a billy goat. I own 2 stubborn Jacks now…but love them like children…so I know the heart ache…


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