Well, I went to Houston to pick up the last two blind orders only to discover that the material needed for the last order had been used for another order and they had no more.  She promised to make the order using real wood stock with no increase in price (good thing, too!) and told me I could pick them up this week or they would deliver them.

When I left, I called my shutter installer to tell him what had happened.  I mentioned that the crew must have left a little early since it was Friday (it was about 4:15 when I called him).  He informed me that the production crew had been let go and his understanding is they are going to finish up their last few orders using the office staff (some of whom used to work on the production line).

Would have been nice if they’d told me that when I was there.

So I guess the company is truly closing up shop completely.

I have some serious motivation for getting this photography gig rolling …

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