I had to run some business errands earlier this afternoon, but Jami and AJ stopped by to see Mrs. Dannhaus. AJ made sure that she knew he and Gordon (our neighbor on the other side) were here if she needs anything. And she will. She and her husband had just moved to a new home about five minutes from their house next door to us. The new place is about three acres on the river … and will require mowing with his tractor. The “old” place next door to us is about nine acres. They have had it for sale for a good while, and until there’s a buyer, it will need to be maintained as well. Mr. Dannhaus was a tough old Marine, but he had a good heart and was a good neighbor. He and Mrs. Dannhaus celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary not terribly long after we bought our house in 2000. He was in his late 70’s, she a few years younger. I know she’s going to miss him terribly.

When you’re saying your prayers … please remember Mrs. Dannhaus. Thanks …

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