Rainy, rainy, rainy day.  I have to type up the cast bios for the play program so they can each review theirs tonight and make any changes . . . theatrical types have such delicate egos!  I couldn’t help but chuckling last night when they were trying to fill out index cards answering the following questions:

How would you like your name listed on the program?  (“I used to have a stage name, but I can’t remember what it was . . .”)

Where do you live? (“If I put where I live, they’ll think I’m a hick.” — Well, considering at least half of the people attending live there, too . . . I don’t think that’s anything you have to worry about.)

What do you do?  (“I’m a realtor” and “I’m a lawn technician [this kid worked for a lawn service until he goes back to college . . .]”)

Previous stage experience:  (From one extreme to another — “Do you want me to list it ALL?” and “I’ve done NOTHING!”)

Phone number:  Some of the girls (younger ones) have obviously been trained well by their parents.  Why do you need my phone number? (In case I have questions about what you wrote . . . )  Do you need my street address?  (No, just city . . . so I can print “Sally Jane of Hoboken is making her stage debut . . . “)  Sad we live in a world where we do have to think so suspciously.


Boy, I’m glad I’m just a “behind the scenes” girl!

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  1. I loved being behind the scenes. I designed and constructed the costumes for several productions that a Jr. college put on. It was a lot of fun. A lot of work but still fun. I loved doing the costumes and letting my imagination run. I would watch the practices a bit, get a feel for the character and then present the director with my costume ideas and sketches… a few tweaks then we got going… I did costumes for The Fantastiks, Children of Eden, The Complete Works of Shakespeare (a hilarious play that puts all of Shakespeare’s plays into an 80 minute play) and worked on costumes for Annie (didn’t design them though). Then we moved and I didn’t get involved in the next place. It was fun though and I think behind the scenes is better! I would like to work on sets… man, the Alley Theater has terrific sets… the way they move and change amaze me. Really cool.You sent us your rain. I watched it move up from the south. It is here now. Thundering and booming and making my dogs cower.


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