A new Supermarket has just opened near our house has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of a thunderstorm and the smell of fresh rain.

When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and witness the
scent of fresh butter fat.

When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cackle and the air is
filled with the pleasing aroma of eggs frying.

So far we have been too afraid to go down the toilet paper aisle.

13 thoughts on “Okay, my mother-in-law sent this, and it’s kind of cute . . .

  1. I just now got around to reading your SETHSA post…. it almost makes me sad I’m through with homeschooling. I used Easy Grammar, it worked great with the three kids that applied themselves…. so-so with the one that didn’t. But then nothing would have worked with her concerning English! lol Courtship…. so much to take in. I don’t know who put on the seminar you went to. We went to our first courtship seminar back in 1990. It was quite eye-opening. Little Bear Wheeler put it on and we left thinking over a lot of information. Our son did 100% courtship. He chose not to date at all until he was ready to marry… then when he was (age 24) he prayed and sought our advice. We did not go the courtship route of having to approve of the girl etc… there was an issue of trusting God with our son and our son with his own life… but he did seek our advice. He knew a girl, had spent a lot of time with her in a Christian campus group…. he said by the end of the first date he knew she was the one for him. They have been happily married now for almost 3 years and are the parents of our perfect grandson! lol Our oldest daughter chose to date. We presented courtship to all our children but we did feel that it had to be a conviction of theirs in order to work. She simply was not going to do that and it was guide her through dating or have her walk out the door in rebellion. We chose to walk her through dating. Was she hurt? yes. does she regret it? yes because of the hurt, no because she did meet her husband. They have been married 2 weeks longer than her brother and are quite happy …. but if asked she’ll tell you she wasted a lot of time and energy on boys that didn’t care. Daughter #2 dated one guy thinking he was “the one”, went to Russia as a missionary, broke up with “the one” (very long story), met her husband on the mission field and they chose to do courtship vs. dating with each other. They were accountable to the mission base leaders and they also are happily married. (2 years). Now we are at “that point” with our youngest. She is 18, graduated and headed to college. Never dated, and doesn’t really want to. Says she’s not ready and doesn’t see any guy worth looking at right now. She has pretty high standards. She also watched her siblings and they all encourage her to not date, to pursue God first and God will send “the one.” It’s really pretty cool when it works. I won’t take courtship to the point of choosing my child’s mate though. Nope, gotta trust God with that, I’d just blow it. I have to believe that we raise our children well, that we teach them how to listen to God and that they can hear Him. Then I trust Him to talk to them and guide them. Always willing to give advice and help, but I don’t want my child coming back in 20 years and saying… “why did you tell me to marry them…. etc etc” Nope, they have to learn to listen to God for their lives, it’s my job to teach them how to hear Him.Make any sense? Now that’s a long comment isn’t it! lolThanks for the encouragment. I tell you this person is driving me nuts. All over the “cocktail conversation” post…. Murphy bed… augh! I still haven’t stained it or varnished it but I’ll take a picture and post it tomorrow.


  2. Yeah, I went to one of those groceriy stores too…they crack me up….but the one I went to only had sound not sound and smell..I miss all the fun…and in hindsight, I guess it was La Kings…Ive been there a kazillion times and have lived and worked within 5 minutes of there and I just never knew it was called La Kings…I guess I didnt even realize it had a name at all. Ive always just referred to it as “that place on the strand where the icecream is”…I guess we learn something new everyday. Thanks for the heads up! Happy Day.


  3. I worked for Galveston PD for 5 years as a dispatcher so I had plenty of time to sample the greats….and I should have had plenty of time for the name of the ice cream place to sink in..but I guess we didnt make enough calls for police there so it didnt stick. I did have enough time to learn the best places for BBQ and Mexican food though, so I guess Im covered. Married to a BOI? How’d you ever get him to leave the island? Those BOI’s act like its a major deal to cross the causeway, he must really love you a lot.  


  4. Hi. RYC, dark, dark shades. It’s even worse in AK (I lived there for 3 years) and the standard way of dealing is to put aluminum foil over the windows. Definitely blocks out the light. You adjust after a while. :goodjob:


  5. RYC: Last time I checked Schutte’s WAS still open but its been a while since I was over in that part of town. Unless I have to go to the hospital for something I dont go out that way….and yes, the MEXICAN FOOD in the projects is exactly what I was talking about…Mmmmmmm. …and your right that is crazy about your beau working for the PD as a dispatcher, we probably DO know the same people…man that seems like eons ahgo. I left the PD somewhere around 1996…maybe even 95..I can never remember.


  6. Hi, I worked at UTMB from about 1964-2000 when I retired, except for a year in there about 1966 when I quit and worked at Walgreen’s, then returned to UTMB the following yr. I was a switchboard operator.
    Funny about us having the same b/d, isn’t it??
    Be blessed too!!!!


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