The dance recital was this evening and my girl danced beautifully.  I don’t know where she gets it from (certainly not me), but she’s a very graceful thing when she slips ballet slippers on her feet.  I wasn’t sure that we were going to make it — the dress rehearsal was earlier today and right when we were getting in the truck to leave, the back glass of my cab SHATTERED.  Yep — I’d gotten in the truck. leaned over to unlock my girl’s door and the glass fell out in tiny pieces.  We figured that my guy must have kicked up a pebble when he was weedeating the drive earlier and the ping of the pebble on the glass damaged the glass’s integrity.  The slight movement of the truck as we opened doors and moved about caused the glass to disintigrate.  Thankfully, my girl was not in the truck yet and no one was hurt.  My guy vacuumed out the cab and cleaned up the drive.  He took a couple of those noodle things you play with in the pool, ran a slit down the side and used them to cover the raw edges until I can have the glass replaced on Monday.  It’s a very stylish look (not).

Anyway, inspite of all the “excitement” we made it to the recital and my girl was BEAUTIFUL.  I will try to upload a pic or two tomorrow.  Have a great Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “We survived!

  1. Ugh, sitting through recitals watching tons of other kids while you wait to see your own is the pits (in my opinion). I loved seeing my kids dance, but hated the hours and hours consumed by other people’s kids while waiting for mine. Thank God no one was hurt when the window broke out.


  2. Oh, wow. So glad no one got hurt with any broken glass! Or that it didn’t happen while you were driving!  🙂
    Sounds like a good Mother’s Day, regardless. I bet you were so proud of your kiddo.


  3. That’s great about your daughter! 😀 Too bad about the truck, but praise God, neither of you were hurt. You know…someone hit my car (hit and run) last week, and then hubby’s car needed a minor fix too. I believe God will redeem both ‘problems’, and we prayed that He would. I’ll pray that He redeem the glass in your truck, too. I’m sure the noodles are totally rad, though. ;P


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