I received this email from one of the girls in my Bunco group — I sure would appreciate all of you joining with us in prayer for her family.  Karey is a sweetheart and she and her husband have wanted this baby for a long time — they need us to keep them in prayer that she’ll be able to carry the baby as long as possible, and when he makes his entrance into this world he will be healthy and strong!  Thanks so much.


I had my follow up ultrasound on Friday to see how my amniotic fluid was doing.  It was a 9 on the previous ultrasound which was worrisome, it is now down to a 5.  I was sent to the hospital Friday and Saturday for fetal monitoring lasting about 2 hours both times and started on steroids to help boost lung development incase he becomes in distress and needs to come early by c-section.  I will be 24 weeks along on Wednesday.  The baby is doing fine.  He is growing and heartbeat is good.  He weighs 1lb and 7 oz as of now.  I was sent home Saturday and will  go back Monday morning for another ultrasound, if there is no improvement in the fluid I will be put into the hospital for close monitoring until he comes.  I know this all sounds bad, and I have had a tuff weekend, but I know God has a plan for our family.  I am believing in him to take care of us.  My spirits are good and all I ask is for no negative thoughts to come into play.  We need all the positive thinking and prayers we can get.  I am being seen by the best doctor in the World.  I was told that people travel from all over the world to be seen by her.  I am so happy about that.  My nurse this weekend informed me that is is very likely that I can make it to term even with very low fluid.  That is what I am believing.  If I have to lay in the hospital on my back for the next four months, that is what I will do.  I will be at Texas Women’s.  I will hopefully be able to take a lap top and have internet access.  If I do I will be checking my e mails daily and keeping everyone updated.

Please keep us in your prayers Love Karey, Daryl and Cohen


And then I received an update —


I want to thank everyone for all the prayers for our family.  Monday morning I went for my follow up ultrasound with Dr. Adam and to her surprise my amniotic fluid increased from a 5 to an 8.  She was shocked.  She had to measure and re-measure three times.  It is a miracle, all the prayers have worked.  I am to continue bed rest at home and go for another ultrasound on Monday.  Monday we are praying for a 10 on the amniotic fluid level and for the placenta to be completely functioning as it is supposed to.   


Thank you

Karey, Daryl and Cohen


Yeah!  Good news, for sure — now ya’ll keep those prayers coming, ya’ heah?

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