Before I tell this story, let’s just agree to leave the “unequally yoked” discussions for another time.  Read it for the funny experience that it is, and pray that the words of a little child might have some impact on those who heard them!

A little background information — my best friend since childhood is Lutheran.  She married a Jewish man ten years ago and they have two beautiful daughters.  The girls attend Hebrew school because Mom wants them to get a good education and learn about their Jewish heritage, but they attend church on Sundays and Mom has taught them all about Jesus with Bible stories and songs at bedtime.  Their dad is okay with this, has no problem with his wife teaching them thus.  (Praise God!)

Passover is here and my friend called and left a message on my answering machine this weekend telling the following story:

The girls were participating in something at the synagogue (forgive my ignorance on what exactly it was) and the rabbi said, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is . . .” and Caroline piped up and said at the top of her lungs,


Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!

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