Whew.  Busy day.  Spent most of the afternoon helping my honey install some drapery brackets for a gentleman in a nearby community.  It wasn’t that difficult, except that the builders in our area utilize TONS of hurricane strapping and flashing around the windows . . . so it requires self-tapping metal screws, a construction-grade DeWalt power drill, and my honey’s brute strength!  Got the job done, but by then it was too late to head to Foley’s to check out the mattress sale.

So we did what I’d planned on doing from the beginning until I got that paranoid “oh, I’d better check around and make sure I’m not missing out on better quality or a better deal somewhere else” attack.  We went to a locally owned furniture store and purchased a perfectly fine mattress set for our daughter.  Most exciting of all — for $30 it will be delivered tomorrow AND they will haul off the old mattress set.  That alone is thrilling!  Usually my man would throw something like that in the burn pile back of the house, but with the burn ban in effect and it being so dry — no way, Jose.

By the way, on the off chance that any of you reading this smoke — please, please, PLEASE don’t ever lay in bed smoking a cigarette.  On the off chance you drift off and drop the ciggie — it is absolutely amazing and terrifying all at the same time how quickly a mattress burns.  We burned one a few years ago for a neighbor (never know when “large trash day” is and hauling it to the dump (and paying to dump it) is inconvenient, too) — anyway, we burned one for a neighbor and I’ve never seen anything burn so quickly, unless it’s an old Christmas tree.

So, ideally, quit smoking altogether — but in the case that’s not possible, please, please, PLEASE don’t smoke in bed.

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