Well, I’m doing a bit better about posting on a regular basis.  I had a melt-down earlier today, but I’m doing better now.  I feel pulled in all directions — homeschool, business, home responsibilities, finances.  I wish I juggled better.  I’ve used the word “better” three times already.  Goodness.  How’s that for a well-rounded vocabulary?

We got some schoolwork done earlier today.  Not as much as I’d like, but we did get some done.  I got most of our bills paid.  Still have a few sitting on my desk, but they’ll have to wait until some more $$$ comes in.  Business has been pretty steady lately, so I’m not too worried about it, although I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little anxious.  My guy makes good money, but because of some credit card accounts we have, we are stretched pretty thin.  We don’t have the cards anymore (did you know you can run credit cards through a paper shredder?), and it’s just a matter of paying them off.  Beans and rice, rice and beans . . .   I have a measurement appointment tomorrow evening, and SIX next week.  So if those come through, it will be very good.

I can hear my puppy wimpering through the closed door.  We are giving crate training a second try.  We planned to crate train her when we first got her, but we had to evacuate due to the hurricane and the first night we were at my cousin’s, she cried all night and kept everyone awake.  So we got off track.  Then when we got back home, we hated to hear her cry and because the mosquitoes were so bad outside, we thought we’d paper-train her.  Most of the time she hit the paper, but she also had quite a few accidents.  We have hardwood floors and I really started getting worried that she was going to ruin them.  So we’re back to crate-training.  My sister promised me that if I can hang in there for a couple of weeks it will get better.  The puppy is not crying right now, so maybe she’s getting used to the idea of being in the crate at night.  She is so sweet, I just hope we can get her trained.  It’s difficult to enjoy a pet, no matter how sweet the pet may be, if you’re constantly having to clean up pee and poop.

Have any of you used Shutterfly for digital prints?  I have tons of digital photos that I need to get printed.  I tried Snapfish a year or so ago for regular film developing, and I guess it was okay.  Something about the prints seemed off, though.  I’m thinking about giving Shutterfly a try.  Would appreciate comments from any of you who know.

I’m gone for now — have to get some sleep so I can start fresh in the a.m.  It will be a busy week the next three days, but Saturday promises great fun — we’ll be going to the Greek Festival in Galveston.  A plate of the most delicious food, awesome Greek music and dancing.  We love attending this event every year and hate it when something prevents us from going (like last year).  Here’s my sister and girl enjoying yummy scrumptious Greek goodies a couple of years ago!   

On Sunday, we’ll be stopping in on the Lone Star Bike Rally, in Galveston, too.  The Christian Motorcyclists Association will be having a church service in the Strand area.  Last year my guy attended and said it was awesome, so he wants to go again this year.  I’m thinking I may go with him, too.   Catch ya’ later!

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