I have some most exciting news to share with ya’ll . . . !

A few months ago, I asked that all of ya’ll keep a dear friend of mine in prayer.  Actually, he and his wife, as they were expecting a wee bairn and they’d had difficulties in the past carrying to term.  Well, I think there must have been quite a few praying over the months, because yesterday morning their sweet daughter was born!

She was 5 weeks early, but doctors say she’s looking great, weighing in at 5 lb. 15 oz. and measuring 19 inches long.  A cutie for sure, and healthy as can be.  Mom had a bit of a rough time, so continued prayers in that regard would be appreciated.  But the entire family is doing well and looking forward to going home.

A big congrats to Lloyd and Vicki and a great big welcome to little “Eleanor Rose” (I was told the name’s in pencil at the moment, as there were a couple others in the mix . . . I guess we’ll know for sure the next time Dad writes . . . )

And something not nearly so “grande,” but exciting in its own little way . . .

We welcomed our own little bundle of joy into our home Sunday afternoon — a tiny Chihuahua girly that my daughter has decided to name “Sweetie” (I was pulling for “Margarita” — but oh, well . . .)  She is a fawn-colored puppy with white markings, weighing about 4 lbs. right now.  She’ll probably gain 1 more lb. and then she’ll be done.  She’s a sweetie for sure, and I think she’ll add a lot of fun to the household (as if we didn’t have enough, already!)  I have to say it will be nice when she sleeps through the night — we’re crate training her and she’s just miserable right now.  I turned on the stereo super soft with some praise and worship music and it seems to be helping intermittently. 

And just in case you’re curious about homeschooling . . .

It’s going fairly well.  We’re still in the adjustment phase, trying to learn to juggle all the obligations we have from an educational, business, and family standpoint (not necessarily in that order).  I’m waiting for a homeschool planning software CD to arrive that I think will help me plan out entire days, not just lesson plans.  I tried to download it the other night and wanted to scream when 4 hours and 47 minutes into the 5 hour download, I lost my connection.  (We can’t get DSL out where we live . . . we’re stuck with dial-up.  )  Needless to say, I wasn’t going to start that mess all over again, and so I decided to wait for the CD to arrive.

The munchkin is doing well, though, and really looks forward to lessons.  In fact, she gets rather perturbed if something gets in the way of her lessons.  What a blessing to have a willing student, heh? 

Well, I’d better sign off for now.  I have tomorrow’s lessons planned, but if I don’t get some sleep I may sleep through them.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. 

4 thoughts on “

  1. It’s going fairly well. 
    Glad to hear it.  When you get frustrated, just remember how screwed up the public schools are, and how glad you are not be in the middle of that tar pit.


  2. Glad to hear everything’s going well!
    That planning CD sounds pretty cool… I bet my mom would have really appreciated something like that.  She had to plan everything out by hand; I still remember her sitting for days at a time doing lesson plans.
    Have fun with Sweetie!  New animals are so much fun, especially for “munchkins” (I love that you call your daughter that- it’s what my dad always called me).
    Take care!


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