Popping in to post the quickest of updates.  We had a get-together at my older sister-in-law’s house yesterday to welcome my younger sister-in-law’s new fiance’ into the family.  Verdict?  He’s a great guy.  No uncomfortable pauses in conversation, anxieties over what he will think of us . . . it was as if he’d been in the family for years and years.  Great sense of humor and dotes on my sister-in-law as he should.

They asked my girl if she would be a junior bridesmaid in the wedding next spring.  I thought she was going to choke her aunt with the fierceness of her hug, if she didn’t bust her eardrums with the loudness of her “YES!”  She was incredibly excited.  She’ll be 10 years old by then and I think she’ll handle her “junior bridesmaid duties” just fine.  They are getting married in a very old Episcopalian church in Galveston — it was built in the mid-1800’s and has a long aisle and beautiful stained glass windows (two of which are Tiffany windows that survived the 1900 Storm).  The photographs are going to be marvelous.  The reception will be held at the historic Galvez Hotel on the Seawall.  I do love weddings . . .

I think the most touching moment of the entire day was a 30 second exchange between my husband and his little sister, though.  When goodbyes were being said, he hugged her and then said, “You know, when you were 16, you were a real pain . . . but you’ve turned out alright.  I love you.”  And he kissed her on the cheek.  She looked at him and told him how much that meant to her.

She went through a pretty bumpy time during her teenage years — a REALLY bumpy time, and she has turned into a beautiful, intelligent woman.  I think her fiance’ appreciates the woman that she’s become.  It was evident in his eyes.

Well, enough of that — work to do, bills to pay . . .

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  1. I think my main concern over the whole fiasco is that the next time a woman goes missing, are people going to be as quick to help search?
    That’s a good point.  Since this story came on the heels of two very recent abduction/murders, I think that kept people’s minds in a serious mode, sort of a rather-have-her-alive-and-stressed-out-than-dead-in-a-ditch attitude, but any hoax tends to undermine the seriousness of a topic (fake bomb threats, etc.).


  2. What you need to do is find a little mama y papa restaurant that does the real deal.
    Believe me, I’ve found a few, in both Texas and Chicago, and I still stand by my statement.  I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s been my experience.
    I’m not saying the Mexican food in Texas isn’t great–it is–but after all, there are 300,000 Mexicans in Chicago proper, not to mention the suburbs (I lived in Mexican and Puerto Rican neighborhoods in Chicago before moving south).


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