“What happened to just being a human being, you know? It’s nothing more than state-sanctioned murder. All the big guys, they all have their hands tied up by some tinhorn judge down there. Come on, when they want to whip a judge, they got no problem doing that. Look what they did to [Ten Commandments proponent Roy Moore] in a heartbeat. So they can do it if they want. They just don’t want to.”  (Mel Gibson)

Thank you, countrygirl411, for this quote.  I hope more people see the inconsistencies in our judicial system that Mel points out in his comment.  Just WHY was Judge Greer so much more powerful than Judge Moore?  Why was he able to enforce the murder of an innocent woman, while Judge Moore was prevented from maintaining the exhibit of the Ten Commandments?  Why are some judges so “powerful” and others not?  I don’t really have answers to these questions, but I’d love to hear any comments you have.  I do know that my sense of justice is deeply offended by what has transpired.

My husband and I were talking about it yesterday and we both agree that there’s a difference between life support and life assistance.  Life support being the type of intervention that Christopher Reeve received (he was not able to breath on his own for more than a very short period of time).  Life assistance is the type of intervention that keeps you going while you receive care and therapy to recover (like the feeding tube Terri was denied). 

We both decided that we’d have no problem with life assistance if there was a possibility that we’d recover.  Neither one of us wants to be on a ventilator or other support if that’s all the recovery we’d ever have.

We need to put this all in writing.

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  1. I think this whole tragic saga has awakened us all in varying aspects. I have lost a little faith in the judiciary, to say the least. And I share your position with respect to life support versus life assistance. I have already made it known to my family members what my wishes are, and they have done the same. Now we all just need to write it down.


  2. I thought it was a good quote, too (and from a movie actor, no less! Hmmm….familiar…). I love how everyone is saying, “Ohhhh, don’t get the government involved in a private family matter!” Well, what is the judicial system? Dairy Queen? It’s horrible, all the more so because it’s killed an innocent woman.I think I agree with both of you on the life support/assistance, too. Just the definitions of the words – “support” means life realy can’t go on without it. “Assistance” is…well, like going to the grocery store for eggs. It is assistance, not the sole means of survival.Poor Terri. And her poor family.


  3. Hi! I heard Mel say that last week, I believe it was on Sean Hannity’s radio show… wish I’d thought of making the point about Judge Moore.I thought it was interesting not only that the difference between life support and life assistance was erased, but that Greer wouldn’t even allow food/water to be attempted to be given to Terri through swallowing. Not even ice chips. That crosses an entirely different sort of line, but amazingly it seems to have been barely noticed. Because if she was able to swallow her saliva (evidently she didn’t drool) it makes sense she would have been able to swallow at least small amounts of other fluids. Think about what denying her nutrition the natural way means. It’s hard to wrap my brain around.


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