Here’s an interesting article by Charles Krauthammer about the Terri Schiavo battle in Florida.  I don’t want Terri to die without more investigation.  And that’s basically what this fight is about (IMHO).  Those fighting for Terri’s life are really only fighting to give her a chance to recover.  I think there’s something to the stories abounding that with proper therapy, she might recover a great deal of her abilities.  And I think it’s very suspicious that her “husband” (quotes to emphasize his total disregard of his marriage vows “for better or worse, sicker or poorer” and eagerness to jump ahead to the “til death do we part” part of the vows) . . . anyway, I think it’s very suspicious that he has denied testing to confirm whether or not Terri has a chance of full or partial recovery.

Talk about the basis for one of those “story in true life” books . . .

Husband and wife get into argument because, oh husband’s stepping out on wife or maybe something as small as wife spent too much money on something.  Husband goes into rage, chokes wife but doesn’t kill her.  Wife ends up, well you’ve heard the theories out there.

I really think there’s something to the idea that he doesn’t want her to get better because then she might talk.  And tell.  I mean, if there’s really no chance of her recovery — tests would only confirm that and he could do whatever he thinks she’d want with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE.  But I honestly think it’s his conscience that won’t let him do that.  There’s something that those tests would disclose that he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Of course, this is just my opinion . . . but I think it’s a pretty level-headed, non-emotional opinion. 

Hey, Michael Schiavo — allow a couple of cat-scans and a proper evaluation by people who don’t belong to the Hemlock Society.  If all that information comes down to the same conclusion — that there’s no one home, then maybe . . .

But you’re still a skunk for stepping out on your sick wife, shacking up with another woman and making kids who will have a very difficult time ever being proud of you as their dad.

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