Don’t know if it will work this time, but this is a photo of my dream home.  A UK builder is developing properties in the Houston area and I went through this model home last week.  It was furnished exactly the way I’d furnish it.  I just need to pack my suitcase and get the key. 

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  1. Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your great comments!  This home is a beauty!  I took the virtual tour that is advertised on the home page… what a tremendous house!  I hope you can get this one… it would be a warm and inviting family home!
    Take care and I’ll stop by again sonn! /Kar


  2. Thanks for the tips. I was planning on getting the rolling kind and then leaving them under the bamboo shades so we can darken it when we want… The bedroom is upstairs so curb appeal up there is kinda moot LOL You can’t really see or tell much of anything up there from outside. You can tell the windows are covered or not, that is about it. And a while roll down blind won’t look like anything really. But, I may look and see if they do have a liner, I just didn’t think it would block enough sun.


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