So what do you think of the new name and quote?  I called my first blog, over at LiveJournal, “Chisel & Stone,” because I’m an old-fashioned girl and truth be told, much prefer the old way of doing things.  Granted, chipping out my musings on a piece of granite with a flint might be a little extreme to avoid using a computer . . . but at least with a nice fountain pen and some Cranes stationery you know the loudest crash you’ll hear is a piece of paper fluttering to the floor.

When I moved to Xanga, I wasn’t sure that I’d stay and so I called my blog “TXMom2Jami,” which is my blogger name.  But I really missed “Chisel & Stone” because it felt so . . . right for me.  Well, it’s my blog and I’ll change if I want to, change if I want to, change if I want to . . .

The quote is also from one of my first blog entries over at LiveJournal.  I was going to the store one evening and happened to look up at the sky . . . and that’s what I saw and what I was inspired to write.  I love the nightime sky so much.  For some reason, things seem so much clearer at night without the blinding sun in my face.  I can think better, dream better, wish better . . .

I changed my background color to white — I think photos look so much more crisp and clear without the competition of cute color schemes — although I do enjoy the creativity of my fellow bloggers!  I think this is more me, though.  Some might say boring — I say clean and classic.  No frou frou stuff here!

Well, I’m off to watch a movie with my honey.  Jami has two little friends spending the night tonight, so while they’re playing all evening, we’ll be watching a movie!  Life is good.

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  1. Wow – stark… it’ll take some getting used to, that’s for sure!!When I read ‘chisel & stone’ on the SIR page, I thought immediately of something like this, but maybe that’s a bit too granite-y??


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