Well . . .  I went over to measure the windows so I could do my quote.  And the windows aren’t finished.  In my business, precision is everything — you measure to the 1/8 of an inch to get the best possible fit.  And the windows aren’t finished.  No sheetrock, no wood trim, nothing.  I can still see studs around the windows.    So it was a wasted trip. 

I did run by the bank, fill up the truck with gasoline ($30!), and make a quick stop at the library.  So I suppose I redeemed the trip a bit.  (I live 10 miles outside town, so I hate wasted trips.)

I emailed the designer to let her know that I need a leetle more window to work with if they want a quote they can depend on.  Hopefully the construction guys will get it turned around fairly quickly and I can get over there and get the job done.  And hopefully get the job!  This house is 4800 square feet and will be a model home for a couple of years.  Lots of people wandering in and out looking at my shutters and picking up my card (if I get the job).  It’s a high-end home (probably over $500K when it’s all said and done), so the people seeing it will have nice deep pockets when it comes to decorating their own homes. 

Well, I’ve got more chores on my list . . . catch you later!

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