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Charles Krauthammer’s column makes me proud to be an American under the leadership of President Bush.  He explains so beautifully why our involvement in Iraq has been worth the sacrifice.  Give it a read.

And following up on my recent post regarding Indian River Community College’s discrimination against students that wanted to show The Passion of the Christ on campus, Dr. Mike Adams informs us that “sunlight can often be the best disinfectant” and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of humiliation.”  Congratulations to Dr. Adams for a victory in the battle for freedom of speech!

On a personal note, the munchkin and I are both sick.  We’ve got a few things to take care of, but for the most part, we are going to rest today.  She’s sitting on the futon next to me, reading a Trixie Belden mystery.  (I loved these books when I was a kid.)  She’s such a fast reader, she’ll be done with it by noon (or earlier) and then she’s moving on to Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  I am so proud of her reading ability and her love of books!  I’m not sure that I read at such a high level when I was 9, and I was a reader, too.

One thing I do want to do today is transfer last year’s client files over to CD’s and free up some space on my hard drive.  Tedious and time-consuming, but I’m hoping it will speed things up a little bit once some of the “clutter” is gone. 

Catch ya’ later —

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  1. Awww! I hope y’all feel better. You should watch/read “My Friend Flicka” and “Thunderhead.” Gosh, I liked those books AND movies so much! And “The Black Stallion” books, of course. 😉


  2. Thanks, Miss O’Hara! Funny you should mention Flicka and the Black Stallion. We gave Jami “My Friend Flicka” (which she was watching just yesterday) on DVD for Christmas and her grandpa gave her The Black Stallion’s Courage (book) for Christmas. She is HORSE CRAZY. The walls of her bedroom are covered with posters from Young Rider Magazine! The two of you would get along just fine!


  3. Oh my…I was a horse crazy girl from the day I was born. I remember reading every horse book and watching every horse movie I could get my hands on as a kid. Of course, my mom is a horse trainer…so that may have something to do with it.


  4. Dr. Adams is truly a champion for conservatives everywhere, especially those in colleges. When I lived in Petaluma, CA (one of the few areas that actually voted against recalling Red Davis), one of the very very few conservative columnists carried by the local paper out of Santa Rosa (the Press Democrat) was Charles Krauthammer. Let’s hope some people around there actually read the opinion page.P.T. Ferriola: Sec. of State


  5. Momma731 — My sister and I own a custom window treatment business together.  We sell custom 2″ blinds, cellular shades, and plantation shutters throughout our county.  We don’t have a storefront, but meet with potential clients in their homes, advise them on different options based on their tastes and lifestyles and provide them with a quote.  If they like what they see and how much it costs, we order the products and install them.  It’s fun, but a lot of work, too!


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