Thanks Txman and Intermodal for your get-well wishes.  I really appreciate them! 

While I didn’t get out the door as early as I would have liked, the Tylenol Cold medicine I took and a nice warm shower helped me feel a little bit more human.  After having to get my friend to give Jami a ride to school because the truck wouldn’t keep running long enough to shift into reverse, I was surprised when it started up just fine at 1:45 this afternoon.  Made it to Sears, where the mechanic put the battery through the tests and declared it to be BAD.  Shame, shame, shame you ole’ Diehard!  The wicked thing had enough nerve to wait until AFTER the warranty expired to die, so $104.00 later I’ve got a Diehard Gold 3 year battery under the hood.

While the mechanics did their thing, I strolled along the perimeter of the mall, begging for donations for our school’s silent auction.  For the most part, people are quite generous.  Some of the larger chains aren’t able to donate anything because of corporate policy, but a local furniture store donated a beautiful piece of silk hand-embroidered needlework in a very nice frame and a party supply place donated a certificate for a 16-balloon bouquet.  I also received quite a few promising “Leave me your contact info and I’ll get something together for you to pick up” comments.  So that was encouraging.

Because I was feeling better, I cruised over to the brand-new Tuesday Morning store that opened down our way.  It’s a terrible, terrible thing that this store has opened.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I spent $57 there this evening!  Granted, $20 was on $40 worth of throw pillows for our futon and $15.95 was on birthday/late Christmas gifts for Jami and my friend in Ohio (yes, I’m terrible — I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping . . . who do you think came up with the “Christmas in July” idea????)  I just have to discipline myself to not go in there unless I really need to (for gifts).  Because they have some awesome gifts!

Now that I’m home, though, I’m wishing I’d not pushed so hard because I’m starting to feel a little puny again.  I think I’ll make myself a cup of Bigelow Mint Medley tea.  It’s great for soothing a sore throat and opening up the sinuses.  And it tastes pretty good, too. 

Oh, and wish Moose Max get-well wishes, too.  Apparently he’s under the weather, too . . .

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