Good morning!  Looks like it’s going to be a good one here on the Gulf Coast.  My honey and my baby girl made it to work and to school just fine and I’ll be meeting with a client this afternoon to select colors for her window treatments.  I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this evening, but I’m thinking about making stroganoff with some of the venison my husband brought home from his hunting trip in December.

Columns like Jeff Jacoby’s remind me just how good life is.  Mr. Jacoby writes about his father and Auschwitz and I encourage you to read it.  While it must be difficult to write about the grandparents, aunts, and uncles you never had an opportunity to meet, I commend Mr. Jacoby for keeping the history alive.  There are those who would have us believe this horrible, horrible time in our history never happened.  And thus, condemn us to repeat it . . .

You might want to give Charles Krauthammer a scan, too.  With regards to the Rice nomination and the Democrats’ ridiculous opposition, he does a nice job of deflating their balloon, i.e., explaining why their objections are a bunch of hot air.  The last few lines of his column address the Hillary factor, which leads us to our next article:

Mona Charen asks, “Can a liberal change her spots?”  My answer, emphatically, is “NO!”  And my prayer is that, as Ms. Charen states, Hillary’s past will cast a long shadow.  She may be “talkin’ the talk,” but I hope that people are smart enough to see if she’s “walkin’ the walk” with regards to a more moderate stance.  Because we all KNOW that she’ll never take a step in conservative mocassins.

Jonah Goldberg.  Enough said.

Have a great day!

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  1. I think a liberal can change spots, and in fact have heard many “conversion” stories of pro-abortioners to pro-lifers. And I think that it is only a good thing that Hillary is changing her rhetoric to be more pro-life. This is because only two things can happen: she will not change her votes or behavior so it will be clear that she is a hypocrite and that will be hated by both sides and go down in flames or she will change her votes and modify her behavior, signalling a welcome break between the Democrats and Planned Parenthood and other evil forces. That can only be good for the unborn, though not necessarily the Republican party. The real danger is that we ignore action to talk. But we are three years out and will probably have some contentious Supreme Court appointments. We will closely watch what she says and does until the election. Who knows? Roe herself became prolife as well as one of the founders of NARAL, Bernard Nathenson. Anything can happen, even the softening of Hilary’s heart. Though I admit it is far more likely a cynical play for power, thinking that she can fool the country bumpkins of the Red states…


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