I hope my efforts continue to be rewarded this way . . .

I’m in charge of begging for donations for my daughter’s school carnival/raffle/silent auction.  I don’t mind doing this at all, as it is not for me, it’s for the kids and I think that when people are approached by a cheerful person who says “thank you for your time” even if the answer’s “no,” they are much more inclined to say “hey, wait a minute, let me see what I can do for you . . . ” or “call me next year and I’ll have something for you . . . ”  None of my other fellow PTO’ers like doing this, so maybe it’s my “calling” or “gift”. 

I have my first triumph of the day!  I’m not going to name names because it’s not yet printed on the raffle ticket, but I’m certain that it will happen!  A local caterer who has worked his culinary magic for governors and presidents (#41 and #43), as well as famous ball players (Nolan Ryan) and that awesome musical genius missed by all (Stevie Ray Vaughn), has agreed to prepare and deliver a rib-eye steak dinner for EIGHT.  The steak will be served with mescaline greens and raspberry vinaigrette dressing, bow-tie pasta with broccoli and truffle oil, and garlic bread.  Dessert is not included, but goodness, isn’t this enough?????  (The dinners are valued at $35/person.)

Heavens, I hope I win this . . .

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