A spy by any other name . . .

I know you were watching, Miss O’Hara!  My husband and I have you to thank for this addiction . . .

I read about Sydney Bristow on Miss O’Hara’s blog months and months ago.  Started renting the DVD’s since I’d never watched the show.  Watched almost an entire season in one very long night . . . ohmygoodness, it was like eating peanuts, but so much more exciting! 

Tonight’s season premiere was good.  There were a couple of things that got on my nerves — for one, Sydney’s under-her-breath comments to Sloane at the beginning, but considering the full scope of their history, I suppose those comments were justifiable.  It just made her look so childish . . . and she’s anything but!  The other didn’t have a thing to do with the show.  Have you ever seen that many commercials during a two-hour program??????

My husband commented that you’d think it was the Super Bowl and advertising was at a premium.  I replied, “Well, you know all of America’s watching to find out just what it was she read on those documents in Whittenburg!”

And wasn’t that wild????  Jack had Irina executed?!?!  And then to find out why . . . thank goodness we got a little bit of that story (although I’m sure there’s much, much more to it) before evening’s end, or I don’t think I would have been able to stand it!

On the home business front . . . .

We have a potential job ahead of us (and I’m fairly confident it’s in the bag, although it’s never good to count one’s chickens before they hatch) that is a doozy!  A local convenience store chain hired us to provide solar shades for one of their stores.  They liked them well enough that they’d like us to give them a contract quote for the remaining 19 stores in their chain.  Wowsers!  This weekend, my husband and I will be driving about 500 miles round trip to measure the windows in six of the stores.  (The other stores are all local and easily done without an excess of driving.)

We will be hitting Eagle Lake, Giddings, Luling, Gonzales, Port Lavaca, and El Campo in our travels!  Because there’s absolutely no way we can drive all those miles and measure all those windows in a single day, we’re staying over in Gonzales.  There aren’t any hotel/motel type establishments that I could find through Yahoo! Travel, so I went to the ever-so-trusty www.BBOnline.com.

We’ll be stopping over at http://www.stjamesinn.com .  Their regular rates are about $125 per night, but the innkeeper is giving us a business rate of $85 per night, plus tax.  And that includes a full breakfast for two.  The inn has a 3-diamond rating with AAA, so it should be nice.  While this is a business trip, it’s been a long time since my honey and I went on a roadtrip together, so I’m excited.  I think we’ll have a lot of fun, even while we’re working hard.

I have a lot to do between now and Saturday a.m. when we leave, so I’d better get some sleep!  Good night! 

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  1. Oh, I love Luling. It’s on the San Marcos river, which is just beautiful. I was there in August, and we stayed at a campground right there on the river. There is no greater relaxation than floating down the pristine San Marcos river in a raft. If you happen to go to Gruene, stop in and eat at the Gristmill. It’s a really awesome restaurant. Have fun on your trip and be careful!


  2. Oh, I wasn’t watching! I was at church! I didn’t know Jack had Irina executed. My my! Why?I don’t know if I can watch any more. The way they dress Syd…and I’ve been awfully shaky lately, health-wise. So… *pout*


  3. Countrygirl411 — I’ve been to the Gristmill, and it is wonderful!  I don’t think we’ll have time for that sidetrip this time around, but I’d definitely like to go back.
    Miss O’Hara — At the conclusion of this episode, we discovered that Irina had actually taken out a contract on Sydney’s life and Jack had her executed to save Sydney’s life.  I’m sure there’s more to come.  What’s really interesting is Nadia, Sydney’s half-sister, doesn’t know about the contract Irina had on Sydney’s life or that Irina was such a pill.  So she’s sworn to kill whomever it was that executed Irina!  Sydney’s dad!
    I do know what you mean about the clothes — I get frustrated with that, too, because otherwise, it’s a great show.  But there have been clothing issues since the first season . . . do you remember the blue rubber dress?  All one piece, but it showed more than many of her two-piece ensembles!  Design is key — there were adorable two-piece swimsuits in the 40’s and 50’s that were still very modest.  But check out many the “one-piece” suits worn now — so high-cut that well, anyway . . .
    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling puny and will keep you in prayer!


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