I read an interesting paragraph from Andy Koom regarding wars the way they used to be fought, and wars the way they are fought today.  Some of you may already be readers of http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=andykoom, but for those who aren’t, please read on:

I heard something interesting today.  Lincoln gave the go to Sherman to literally scorch the earth from Atlanta to the ocean during the Civil War.  During WWII, Dresden was firebombed and Hiroshima and Nagasake were slightly tinged, yet FDR and Truman are remembered to be great war time Presidents.  Gulf War I was masterminded exquisitely by the military, not the politicians.  Then of course we had the forgotten war, the Korean War and Vietnam.  What happened in these two wars?  The liberal dove politicians simply got in the way of their military commanders.  MacArthur clearly wanted to drive the Chicoms back to the Yalu River, and now we have the Kim Jong Mentally Il menace to deal with.  The field commanders during Vietnam desperately wanted more air support, but collateral damage considerations ultimately led to 58,000 dead Americans and a lost war.  A small example.  We Were Soldiers was a movie that was ridiculed last year.  I had no idea why it was, but I didn’t give any thought about it.  Then I saw it.  I figured out why the liberals hated it: it depicted American soldiers in Vietnam acting professionally and bravely, and winning resoundingly in a battle with the help of massive air support.  Also there is some religious subplots, which automatically makes it anti-science.  God is mentioned, but not in the “god damn” variety.  We obviously can’t let that happen, so the lefty movie critics resorted to their animal instincts and gave it poor reviews.  The reasonably “professional” movie critics such as Roger Ebert and AO Scott, howeve, gave it very good reviews.  Liberals love to squabble about “learning from history.”  It’s not farfetched to say that many of them know what they’re pulling off purposefully to give an edge to the enemy in some sick attempt to write their own version of history.

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  1. That is interesting, and true. Rush was saying today, as he has said before, that libs see every war now as another Vietnam, and they think we can’t ever win. It’s so annoying. I think razing and paving is, once in a while, necessary. Liberals haven’t ever learned a darned thing about history.


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